… of whatevers and whenevers


Posted by maiylah on August 22, 2006

trying out how to upload…write…navigate …aw, shucks!

just trying how to put anything here… lol.

looks promising. 🙂

can’t say about my manipulated shot, though… 😀

psychedelic mood...


6 Responses to “newbie”

  1. ani said


    welcome, ma’am to wordpress…i love this service…far less cluttered and classier…you be happy newbieng here for a while…


  2. maiylah said

    hi, ani!

    thanks for the welcome…
    navigating through this site takes getting used to.. 😀

  3. photogriff said

    Yeah I had FUN trying to post pics myself

  4. maiylah said

    thanks, photogriff!
    … we both know the FUN feeling, huh?! 😉

  5. chandni said

    jst saw this blog of urs!
    d photos as usual are lovely

  6. maiylah said

    thanks, chandni!

    enjoyed reading your bumblingbanter posts… 🙂

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