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postcard …

Posted by maiylah on September 11, 2006

a postcard from last weekend…

veiwing site for Taal Volcano within Taal Lake


**you can click on the italicized link above, to view Taal Volcano (and Taal Lake)…**


4 Responses to “postcard …”

  1. ate cha said

    memorable place yan for me, we are almost always there kasi .

    have a nice day!
    ..I mean night na pala!

  2. ate cha said

    I meant we “were”… hay naku nung dalaga pa me lagi kasi kaming nagpi-picnic dyan.

  3. maiylah said

    ate cha: ganda kasi talaga ng place, no? napunta na rin kayo dun mismo sa Taal Volcano site? may boats at horseback riding dun sa island…
    sabi nila..haven’t tried it yet. parang nakakatakot. LOL. 😀

    salamat palagi!
    nighty-night! 🙂

  4. chandni said

    i’d love to be that girl there just smelling the sea and riding the cloud. good composition
    ps: ur pictures always make me smile 🙂

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