… of whatevers and whenevers


Posted by maiylah on March 18, 2018

Testing the waters again. 😬

This brings back memories.


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weeds along the way …

Posted by maiylah on April 19, 2007

it’s been ages EONS since i’ve been here …

lovely weeds

weeds are already evident!

they look lovely, though …. don’t ya think? 🙂

glad to be dabbling here again.

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postcard …

Posted by maiylah on September 11, 2006

a postcard from last weekend…

veiwing site for Taal Volcano within Taal Lake


**you can click on the italicized link above, to view Taal Volcano (and Taal Lake)…**

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Posted by maiylah on September 6, 2006

still groping around with the navigation controls…

… and added some things here and there…

as well as removing some things there and here.  😀

in the meantime, having a fun day taking shots… even if it rained!

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Posted by maiylah on August 22, 2006

trying out how to upload…write…navigate …aw, shucks!

just trying how to put anything here… lol.

looks promising. 🙂

can’t say about my manipulated shot, though… 😀

psychedelic mood...

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Hello world!

Posted by maiylah on August 22, 2006

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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